January 30, 2023

The Near-term Promise of Quantum Generative AI

Generative AI can do more than just generate text and images. With a quantum boost, it could generate novel solutions to complex business problems. 

Generative AI, also known as generative machine learning or generative modeling, has captivated the world with its impressive ability to generate useful text, imagery, videos, code, and more. Perhaps the best-known example, ChatGPT from Open AI, gained 1 million users within five days its release, setting up entire industries for disruption.

But this is only the beginning. 

Recent research suggests that generative AI could be the first domain where quantum computers will provide a practical advantage, delivering a valuable performance boost for computationally complex problems across industries.

In this report, we will:  

  • Review the state of classical machine learning today and the emerging bottlenecks 
  • Examine recent research that demonstrates how quantum generative AI can enhance existing classical techniques 
  • Explore potential applications of the quantum and quantum-inspired generative modeling techniques developed by this research 
  • Demonstrate how generative modeling can enhance classical solutions for combinatorial optimization problems, specifically by using Zapata’s Generator Enhanced Optimization (GEO) approach 
  • Share practical guidance and tools for building and deploying quantum machine learning applications in your enterprise 

Download the white paper to learn more.  


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