Announcing our new online course: Quantum Training for Enterprise

Announcing our new online course: Quantum Training for Enterprise

Training is important in any enterprise technology endeavour, and that couldn’t be more true than it is with quantum computing. That’s why my colleagues and I are excited to announce the new online training course we developed in collaboration with quantum training and recruitment provider QURECA: Quantum Training for Enterprise. 

Created in response to demand from our customers and other enterprises we’ve engaged and hosted on QURECA’s platform, the course content is built for a diverse audience, including: CXOs, line of business leaders, entrepreneurs, data scientists and quantum enthusiasts.  

Our goal with Quantum Training for Enterprise is to help participants learn about quantum computing from scientific, engineering and business perspectives while improving their ability to discuss quantum computing concepts within their organizations – and with industry peers, suppliers, and customers. 

Quantum Training for Enterprise delivers a mix of both technical and practical quantum use cases to help participants understand where quantum capabilities could add value.  

The online course is CPD certified and delivered by Zapata’s business, scientific and engineering experts. There are no specific prerequisites, as the introductory modules are presented for a general audience that is familiar with typical computational challenges in today’s enterprise environment. 

Two unique elements of the course: 

  • Learners will walk away with strategies that can be implemented in their organization’s “roadmap to quantum advantage”. 
  • It introduces Orquestra®, Zapata’s unified software platform for building and deploying quantum-readyä applications at enterprise scale. 

Given that the majority of global enterprises are currently adopting or planning to adopt quantum computing in the near term, as a recent survey of enterprise decision-makers found, the need for comprehensive training taught by experts in the field has, not surprisingly, increased in turn. We had the resources internally to create the course, and QURECA had the platform to make it available to our customers and other quantum enthusiast organizations and individuals. 

Zapata customers have free access to the training; others can purchase it separately on the QURECA platform 

For questions about the course content, please email us at: 

QURECA is accredited to deliver certificates by the CPD Certification Service, and guarantees that participants are globally certified. 

Steven N. Stern
Zapata Author

Steven N. Stern

Vice President of Customer Solutions