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Build the foundation for the quantum future.

You can join a big tech company and maintain what’s already been built. Or you can join Zapata and build something brand new everyday. You can be a small cog in a big machine, or you can join Zapata and be recognized for your work in solving the most challenging problems facing enterprises today. This isn’t quantum theory – it’s quantum reality. Sound exciting? Then checkout out our job postings below and join us at the forefront of quantum.

The 2023 Zapata Research Internship Program is now open. Join us for a summer at the forefront of quantum. More information on our internship program. Apply Now >
Software Engineer
Visual Analytics
Software Engineer
As a visual analytics front end engineer, you will work to understand the data analytics needs of Andretti auto racing teams and design, develop and deploy new graphical user interfaces and visualization tools. Apply Now >
Quantum Application Scientist
Quantum Application Scientist
As a Quantum Application Scientist on the Professional Services team, your role will be to work with clients to understand their use cases and work along other scientists and engineers at Zapata to research, develop and implement quantum and classical applications to tackle customer’s computational challenges. Apply Now >
Account Executive
Account Executive
Zapata Sales team works with customers of all shapes and sizes in several industry verticals, on a variety of interesting use cases. Your role as an account executive is to drive revenue opportunities through identifying strategic business and technology challenges posed by customers and partners. Apply Now >
Our Mindset

Work with engineers, scientists and others at the top of their field.

At Zapata, we attract intensely creative, curious and collaborative people with varied backgrounds. The kind of people you can’t wait to work with every day. Hear from some of our engineers in this video. And if this video makes it seem like it’s a lot of fun to work here, well, that’s because it is.

Benefits & Perks

Life is good at the forefront of quantum.

In addition to working with some of the most intelligent and creative people in the industry, full-time employees enjoy great benefits:

Employee Stock Program

Reap the returns of your work. Employees may build equity in Zapata with stock options

Remote Work Option

We have offices in Boston, Toronto and Nashville, but our employees span the globe. The forefront of quantum is wherever you’re most comfortable.

Vacation Time

Our employees enjoy twenty days of paid vacation time.

Paid Holidays

Zapata employees enjoy eleven paid holidays every year. We also close for the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

401(k) Plan

Employees are automatically enrolled with a flexible 3% contribution.

Annual Performance Bonus

At Zapata, our employees are recognized for their work. Earn an annual performance bonus for a job well done.

Generous Referral Bonus

Grow the team, get rewarded. We offer an excellent referral bonus to employees who introduce us to other talented people.

Company Paid Health Plan

BlueCross BlueShield healthcare coverage for you and your family.

Sick Time & Parental Leave

Take up to five sick days per year. New parents can take six weeks of paid leave.

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Things people ask about the forefront of quantum.

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