Enterprise Quantum
for Tech, Media & Telecom

More relevant recommendation engines, better AI-generated content, optimized IT infrastructure — these are just a few of the opportunities that quantum computing has the potential to unlock for the IT & Telecommunications industries.

Use Cases

Quantum-Ready Applications® for Tech, Media and Telecom

IT Security



IT Security



Key Challenges

  • Assessing vulnerability to Shor’s algorithm and more near-term quantum cybersecurity threats
  • Classical computers are unable to generate truly random numbers to secure blockchains

Zapata Solutions

Blockchain Security

Leverage near-term quantum devices to generate verifiably random numbers for blockchain security in proof-of-work and proof-of-stake frameworks.

Quantum Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

Assess vulnerability to near-term quantum threats with penetration testing and resource estimates for potential attacks.

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Featured Resources

Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

RSA and other common encryption schemes may be vulnerable to near-term quantum attacks. Assess your vulnerabilities and prepare today to stay ahead of the threat.

Learn more about our cybersecurity solutions.

PQC Offering
Our Platform

Orquestra® Benefits for Tech, Media and Telecom

Orchestration Across Environments

Leverage the quantum and other heterogenous classical compute resources best suited for your tasks, without getting locked into any one hardware platform. Deploy across hybrid backends at enterprise scale.

Data Management & Velocity

Store, retrieve, and analyze large datasets. Streamline data management from ingestion to export to accelerate data velocity.

Open Framework

Keep what works now. Integrate existing and future solutions with a framework optimized for extensibility, interoperability, and innovation.

Workflow Development and Deployment

One unified platform to go from research to development to deployment with extensible, scalable, modular workflows.

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