Enterprise Quantum
for Aerospace & Automotive

Quantum computing promises to unlock new advances in fluid dynamics, autonomous driving, supply chain optimization and traffic management. According to McKinsey, even a 2-5% increase in productivity would create $10 billion to $25 billion in value for the industry each year.

Use Cases

A selection of aerospace and automotive quantum use cases.


Machine Learning

Simulation & Modeling



  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Manufacturing process optimization 
  • Vehicle route optimization 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Anomaly detection by time series analysis  
  • Image and audio generation and classification 
  • Generating augmented datasets to train autonomous vehicles 

Simulation & Modeling

Simulation & Modeling

  • Quantum-assisted engineering design based on differential equations.  
  • Stochastic simulation of physical processes 
  • Differential equation-constrained optimization 

Featured Resources

Our Platform

Orquestra® Benefits for Aerospace and Automotive

Orchestration Across Environments

Leverage the quantum and other heterogenous classical compute resources best suited for your tasks, without getting locked into any one hardware platform. Deploy across hybrid backends at enterprise scale.

Data Management & Velocity

Store, retrieve, and analyze large datasets. Streamline data management from ingestion to export to accelerate data velocity.

Open Framework

Keep what works now. Integrate existing and future solutions with a framework optimized for extensibility, interoperability, and innovation.

Workflow Development and Deployment

One unified platform to go from research to development to deployment with extensible, scalable, modular workflows.

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