about us.

Our mission:
Deliver first-mover quantum advantage to the enterprise.

Our Roots

We spun out of Harvard in 2017
to develop quantum software
and algorithms for business.

We are the deepest bench of quantum scientists in the industry. Our founders helped create the field of near-term quantum algorithms including the invention of VQE, the progenitor of variational quantum algorithms.

Meet the Team
Our Aspiration 

We endeavor to solve the
greatest problems of
our time with quantum.

We partner with leaders of industries who can have massive impact on real world problems while accelerating our collective path to quantum.

See how we do it

Reflections on the
State of Quantum.

Expert takes on the edges of the quantum ecosystem, and why new developments are important. 

Our name

Emiliano Zapata Salazar.

We named the company after Emiliano Zapata Salazar, a leader of the Mexican revolution, to capture the revolutionary nature of both the field of quantum computing and the company itself


Frequently Asked
Quantum Questions.

What can quantum do today?

When will quantum computers be able to solve real business problems?

What will quantum computers be able to solve?

What can quantum do today?

Today’s fully quantum computers and quantum simulators are large enough to explore potential use cases by integrating them with classical computers. While hybrid solutions might demonstrate quantum advantage, most applications will more likely require additional hardware development before this is possible.  It is nonetheless possible to benchmark these solutions on smaller versions of the problem to determine whether the advantage is expected.  

Quantum-inspired solutions, on the other hand, make it possible to solve larger instances. These solutions, though lacking the full power of quantum computing, approach problems in a similar way and may offer advantages over legacy methods.  In addition, their design offers a straightforward translation to fully quantum computers and makes them a useful window into their performance. 

When will quantum computers be able to solve real business problems?

Most experts predict that within the next few years we will have a large enough quantum computer to enable an advantage for some real business problems. However, it is still unclear exactly which problem it will be. Most expect that quantum advantage will first be achieved in one of three areas: machine learning, simulation of quantum materials (e.g. chemistry), or optimization. 

What will quantum computers be able to solve?

Quantum computers are known to be efficient for factoring numbers. They can efficiently simulate solid-state compounds and molecules, enabling the design of new chemicals, materials and drugs.   Quantum scientists have also built heuristics for solving hard instances of optimization problems.  See many more use cases here – many of these solutions still require significant improvements to quantum hardware technology before they will be available.